To Burn or Not to Burn?

Outdoor heating devices are turning into a big issue for many municipalities. While outdoor furnaces are economical, they can produce excessive smoke, which may cause chronic health problems if nearby residents are exposed.

General Code clients in Wisconsin have been passing laws to regulate outdoor burning and prevent the health problems associated with excessive smoke. For example, the Town of Cedarburg, WI requires permits and restricts the substances that can be burned. View the chapter in their eCode360®.

Is your state facing a similar issue?

Our clients that use eCode360 can search our entire database of 1,780 eCodes for more examples of any legislative issue that comes up! Simply enter key words, such as “outdoor heating”, “chickens”, or “alternative energy”. You can filter results by the municipalities’ population, geography, and government type.

Chances are, if a topic has come up in your municipality, your neighbors have experienced issues too. With this tool you can find samples in a matter of seconds! Click here to see how it works.

We continually add tools to our eCode360 platform that will be helpful to Clerks and citizens. For more information, contact us at 800.836.8834.

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