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Webinar I:
Intro to eCode360®
New to eCode360? Need a refresher? Attend this webinar to learn about all the helpful features available in eCode360 – and to get answers to the following questions:
  • How can eCode360 help my citizens and officials?
  • What are the best practices for navigating?
  • How do I print, email or share sections?
  • How do I add notes and custom links?
  • How can I quickly research historical or sample legislation?
This webinar is recommended for all eCode360 Municipal Users and Admins, as well as any municipal personnel considering eCode360 for your municipality or organization.

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Webinar II:
eCode360® for Admins
This webinar will walk you through the dashboard and admin console exclusively available to eCode360 Administrators. Attendees will also learn how easy it is to answer the following questions:
  • How many visitors access my Code yearly?
  • What are people searching for in my Code?
  • How do I link to a permit application in my Code?
  • How do I assign logins to my board members and other municipal employees?
Designed specifically for our clients who are eCode360 Administrators, we recommend that attendees are already familiar with eCode360 or have taken Webinar I: Intro to eCode360 prior to attending this one.

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Webinar III:
PubDocs for eCode360®
Imagine having quick and convenient access to your public documents (meeting minutes, agendas, budgets and more) right within eCode360! This webinar will show how the PubDocs module that is already part of your eCode360 solution can help you do just that. Attendees will discover just how simple it is to answer the following questions:
  • How do I post documents securely without depending on a third party?
  • How can I search my eCode and all public documents at once?
  • How do I organize my public documents by type, category and date?

Designed especially for eCode360 Administrators, this webinar is also helpful for individuals who are considering implementing PubDocs to improve access to critical municipal information for your municipality or organization.

** Please Note: This webinar will not cover basic eCode360 or Admin functionality.

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