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Taking the Next Step

You’ve put a great deal of time and effort into developing a Land Use Code that will successfully manage growth and development for your community. The next critical step is ensuring that your Code is easy to access, understand, and update. We’ve got you covered.

We’re committed to providing you and your community with the smartest Code experience available. We’ll ensure your Code is always up-to-date and accurate whenever you and your citizens access it, in print or online, while you focus on other things.

Maintain Accuracy and Consistency—in Print and Online

Even minor changes to PDFs can involve extensive re-pagination and rearrangement of page elements which can affect the accuracy and consistency of your Code. Our powerful publishing system can help eliminate those challenges by automating any required page alterations in a managed, version-controlled environment. Responsive design features ensure that graphically rich content used in land use regulations can easily be replicated or enhanced to maintain the full accuracy and impact of the original document. Unlike PDFs, output from our system is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile devices so your document can be viewed as it was intended to be seen. The result is Code content that is always accurate and reliable—in print and online.

eCode360®: A Smart Tool that Supports Smart Growth

While a PDF version of your Code is an accurate representation of your Land Use document, our innovative, adaptable and smart eCode360 platform provides versatile benefits including full online integration with the rest of your municipal code and opportunities for citizen interaction.

Without sacrificing the design of your Form-Based or other graphically rich zoning Code, eCode360 delivers an enriched user experience of greater overall clarity, usability and speed. The result is a seamless, single resource that everyone in your community—citizens, developers, engineers, officials—can access and search, comprehensively and quickly.

To learn how eCode360 can provide you and your citizens with an online experience that’s dynamic, interactive and intuitive, click below.

Eliminate the wait time for large PDF documents to download. In eCode360, all your content is instantly available.
Our codification and media experts utilize the latest tools and technology to accurately replicate the layouts of your land use legislation, incorporating—and when necessary, enhancing—your graphics, images and tables. The character and aesthetics of your Code are always thoughtfully preserved as intended by the original designers.lup_accordion_inlinegraphics
Click on graphic elements for expanded, detailed viewing.
View graphically rich content that has been optimized to maintain its full accuracy, readability and impact when accessed on mobile devices. ecode_responsive
Receive timely notifications when changes are uploaded to your Code.
Email, print or post content to social media from anywhere within your Code.
Create digital annotations containing cross-references, links to forms, or informative remarks.
More than simple ‘find’ functionality, eCode360 delivers comprehensive search results from the entire content of your Codes, including image captions and tables.
Easily identify where updates have been made to your Code.
Upload and link to associated master plans, zoning maps, and other associated 'non-Code documents'.

What’s your situation?

Do you have a form-based Code, overlay district, Unified Development Ordinance, or simply need to integrate zoning details into your Code? We can make the process of incorporating this important information into your Code easy and seamless. To request information, please click the button below to let us know a little bit more about your situation so we can better serve your needs.
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