Multicode Search
Search topics across multiple Codes at the same time to see what laws other communities have adopted.

When drafting legislation, sometimes it can be helpful to see how neighboring communities handle similar issues in their Codes. eCode360’s Multicode Search tool lets you simultaneously search a topic across numerous Codes that are hosted on eCode360, so you can compare and contrast Code language, recently adopted laws and other valuable information that can guide your municipality as you craft your own legislation.

How to Conduct a Multicode Search
Login to eCode using your password. Don’t have a password yet? Request one here.

Click on the “Multicode Search” button on the grey menu bar to start a new Multicode search.

  1. Enter information in the criteria fields to narrow your search by County, Zip Code, State, etc.
  2. Select individual Codes from the list by clicking on the Code name. Hold down “Ctrl” to select multiple Codes.
  3. Click “Add to Search.” A search screen will appear.
  1. Enter a term or terms in the “Enter Search Term” field to research a particular topic across the municipality or municipalities you have selected.
  2. Click “Search.”

Your Search Results
  • A page will appear with search results found in the selected Codes. You can also click the color coded tabs to filter results found in the Codes themselves or in Public Documents, such as Notes, Minutes, or New Laws. Click on one or more of the results to go to the specific section(s) of interest within your selected Code(s).

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