Disposition List:

Quickly and easily find an up-to-date list of every ordinance that’s been codified for your municipality—and where it exists in your eCode.

Let’s say you can’t quite remember the last ordinance that was added to your Code. Where do you look to find out? The Disposition List included in your eCode gives you a chronological list of legislation that indicates where each ordinance is found in the Code and what pieces of legislation have been excluded.

Stay up-to-date with a single view of your legislative history

The Disposition List is organized to show you how and when your Code has changed. Ordinances are in chronological order and subject matter is provided. The list also indicates what chapter or article of your Code is affected by the ordinance.

The Disposition List is designed to assist you in locating not only legislation that is included in the Code but also legislation that is not included (labeled with “NCM” for “Non-Code Material”).

Improve efficiency
You’ll find that the Disposition List can save you time taking phone calls, sending emails or thumbing through your printed Code to find information you need. And it’s just a click away in your eCode!

The Disposition List is at the bottom of the Table of Contents.

To find the Disposition List, simply scroll to the bottom of the Table of Contents. In some States the list may be referred to as “Cross Reference,” “Key Ordinance List” or “Key to the Disposition of Legislation,” but it will be one of the last chapters of your eCode.

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