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At General Code we strive to craft your Code in a way that reflects what makes your municipality unique. We work with you to create a highly-accurate and enforceable Code that clearly articulates the framework of laws that enables everyone in your community to live and work safely, productively, and with mutual respect.

Need a Code?

Starting your Code from scratch? It’s not as daunting an experience as you might imagine. Our team of experienced attorneys and legal editors handle much of the heavy lifting for you from background research, to the organization and legal review of documents, through publishing, delivery and adoption of your final Code. Since 1961, we are proud to have published more than 3,000 Codes for municipalities in 30 States plus Canada. For more details on our process for creating your Code, click below.

Your legal editor consults with you. Legislation is compiled, organized and assessed to distinguish between Code and non-Code material. The selected material is organized alphabetically or grouped by topic with similar pieces of legislation. Repealed or superseded provisions are eliminated and amendments are inserted as necessary.
Our attorneys and legal editors thoroughly review and analyze the legislation for conflicts, duplications, inconsistencies and compliance with statutory requirements. Suggestions on practical ways to make your legislation more enforceable are presented to you in a workbook format which refers to the working manuscript of your new Code. The manuscript is an integral part of your review process, allowing you to refer to sections of your Code as you review our comments and suggestions. It also presents you with your first real preview of what your Code will look like going forward.
Suggestions from the workbook are approved by you—in full or in part—or further revised. The approved information is then incorporated into a draft of your Code which is returned to you for final approval. The completed Code is then published in print form and/or as an electronic version on our industry-leading eCode360® platform.
We will prepare and provide you with a comprehensive adopting ordinance to approve your Code, including revisions made during the codification process. Your municipality adopts this version of your Code to establish it as the official body of municipal law recognized by the courts.

Need to Update Your Code?

Your Code is a living document that evolves with your municipality. Keeping it clear, current and enforceable is essential, but it can also present some challenges. Over the course of time, for example, you might come across laws on your books that are obsolete or that were written in a way that does not reflect current language or culture. Or maybe you’ve discovered that you don’t have adequate resources to consistently keep your Code up to date as new legislation is adopted or current laws are amended or repealed. At General Code, we have the experts and experience to take these issues off your plate and handle them for you whether it’s bringing your Code up to speed through our supplementation process or by giving it an entirely fresh start through recodification. Our goal is to give you a Code you can count on that’s reliable and enforceable for you and your constituents.

Need a Legal Review of Your Code?

An Editorial and Legal Analysis by our skilled attorneys and legal editors can provide you with valuable information that can help revise and improve your Code. We work with you to ensure your Code is always enforceable while reflecting community needs, complying with State statutes and protecting revenue. For example, a review of fines and penalties may point out inconsistencies, allowing you to make corrections for more accurate and efficient enforcement of fee collection. Our comments and recommendations are presented in an easy-to-review format to help you weigh the scope and urgency of which legislation needs to be updated and what resources will be needed to make those updates happen.

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