Instantly view and analyze user data about your eCode to help better serve your constituents.
How many constituents and organizations view your eCode each day—or week? What topics do they search for the most? eCode360’s Dashboard feature gives you an instant, accurate snapshot of the user data related to your eCode.

Available exclusively to logged-in Admin users of your eCode, your Dashboard graphically displays:

  1. Total number of times your Code was accessed in the last 12 months
  2. Number of people accessing your Code during different time periods
  3. Most frequently-searched terms in the last 30 days and last 12 months
Use data about your eCode to better serve your constituents

Having instant access to accurate and current data about eCode usage can help you better understand what constituents want to know about your legislation. It can also provide a reason for keeping your Code accurate and up to date so that future users can find the information they need.

It’s easy to view your Dashboard!
  1. Log in to eCode using your Admin password. Don’t have a password yet? Request it here.
  2. Click “Admin” to view the Dashboard.

To learn how to use all of the eCode tools that are available to you as an Admin User, sign up for our webinar for administrators. You’ll learn details about the dashboard, how to manage eCode users, create public notes, and more—right from your desk. Sign up today!

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