Add a Note

Create notes anywhere within your eCode that you can make viewable to everyone, a group of staff, or just to yourself. A note can even contain a link to outside information, another part of your Code, or a form on your municipal website.

To see more useful ways our clients are using Public Notes, visit our blog.

To add a note to a selected Code section:
1. Login to your eCode using your password. If you don’t have a password, click here to request one.

2. Click a checkbox to select the chapter, section, or article your Note is about.

3. Click “Add Note.”

There are three types of notes you can add:

Private Notes are like sticky notes in your Code. Only you can see them.

Group Notes are visible to you and other Municipal and Administrative users of your eCode who have passwords. They allow your group to discuss potential Code changes or to provide internal clarity about a particular Code section.

Public Notes are visible to everyone (even your citizens), but can only be created by Administrative users with passwords. They are great for providing citizens with relevant supplementary information or links within your eCode. Say, for example, [Muni name]’s Code requires building permits. You, your clerk or your planner can add a Note to the Zoning chapter of your eCode with a link to the online building permit application form. Constituents can then easily find the application when they need it. 

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